Easter Pillow Box – Free Box Template

Easter pillow box for treats. Free printable.

Easter is fast approaching and we’ve got another free paper box template. This pillow box is easily made from plain white heavy paper (card stock). We’ve created the design in 4 Spring colors so you can choose your favorite!

Here’s a great list of little treats you might want to include in  your Easter Pillow Box:

  • Jordan almonds or other small candies
  • a little stuffed toy
  • special handmade gifts such as finger puppets or spring hair clips
  • Easter stamping set

The pillow box makes a perfect gift box for any items that are irregularly shaped and difficult to wrap well. They provide a little extra special touch to the gift when a regular gift bag just won’t do. 😉

Here are your four pillow box color options. Just click on the image to print the PDF and use our pillow box folding guide over the print-out to make your score lines.

easter-bunny-pillow-box-green easter-bunny-pillow-box-purple

easter-bunny-pillow-box-peach easter-bunny-pillow-box-blue

Easter Egg Pillow Box Template

free box template for Easter treats

This free box template for Easter treats is one of my favorites that I plan on sharing this year (check back soon for some more bunny boxes!). Spring has always been my favorite season, mostly for the exciting bursts of color that slowly start to make their way back into the world. The window in this box is easy to make and allows you to let all of those wonderful colors show through.

How to Make Your Box


To make the Easter Egg Pillow Box, print both the box and the folding guide. Cut out both templates and line up the folding guide with the backside of the pre-designed box. Now you can use your bone folder to score along the dotted lines. (Note: If you don’t have a bone folder, use some other object with a blunt tip, such as a knitting needle, to make your score lines.)

Next, use an X-acto knife to carefully cut out the egg shape above and below the “Happy Easter” banner. Once your window is cut, cut out a rectangle from the plastic page protector slightly larger than the egg window. Add a thin cut of tape to all sides of the plastic rectangle and carefully place over the window hole (be sure to tape it to the backside and not the front!). Now you can continue assembling your box as usual. Please feel free to refer to the post on How to Make a Pillow Box.

Easter Bunny Printable Treat Box

easter bunny printable treat box; pillow box template for easter

Here is a free printable Easter treat box that is just the right size for small candies! Maybe the Easter Bunny himself will leave one of these treat-filled boxes behind for little ones to find. Or perhaps the kids would like to make their own boxes filled with candy to bring to their friends! Either way, this bunny’s charming face and dapper bow is sure to please!

To assemble, print template and follow pillow box instructions. Add a ribbon once you’ve filled the box and enjoy!

Click here for printable template.

Also, be sure to take a look at our other Easter boxes, such as our Easter Egg Pillow Box.

Printable Pillow Box Template

Pillow boxes make wonderful favor boxes for any occasion. They are elegant enough for weddings and simple enough for packing tiny treats for all your friends!

Pillow Box Template


How to Assemble a Pillow Box