How to Make a Box

Tutorial for How to Make a Box using Our Box Templates

box making suppliesSupplies:

  • small, sharp scissors
  • bone folder
  • glue stick or double sided tape
  • thick paper or cardstock
  • plastic page protectors (optional)


Instructions for Blank Templates

For blank templates, you can print on any cardstock of your choosing to create a truly custom look!

1. Print your box template using any of our free box templates.


2. Cut template along solid lines.


3. Score template along dotted lines.


4. Fold paper inward so that the lines remain on the inside of the box.


5. Apply adhesive to small flap (some boxes have more than one small flap that will need glue/tape).


6. Finish assembling the box.



Instructions for Designer Templates

Designer templates are perfect for those with limited time and/or paper supplies. These templates have the designs printed directly on them so all you need is plain white cardstock. Because there are no lines printed on designer templates, you will also need to print out a matching blank template on regular paper to use as a guide.

1. Print pre-designed box on cardstock and corresponding template on plain paper.


2. Cut out both templates following solid lines.


3. Align the blank template with the back-side of the printed template.


4. Use bone folder to score on dotted lines (while keeping the two templates aligned).


5. Remove the blank template and you should see your lines on the back of the printed paper.


6. Assemble as usual.