Pillow Box Template Tutorial

How to Assemble a Pillow Box

Pillow boxes make great gift boxes and for small treats and favors! We offer several different pillow boxes, but they are all put together the same way. Please refer to this page for instructions on using out pillow box templates. If your pillow box has a pre-printed design, please also refer to our instructions on how to make a box.

1. Gather your template, scissors, bone folder, and either glue or double-sided tape


2. Cut out the template following the solid line.


3. Use bone folder to score template on dotted line.


4.   You should now be able to see your scored lines on the reverse side of the template. This will help with folding.


5. Add glue or tape to the outside tab.


6. Fold tab inward and fold main template on center dotted line.






7. Once sides are secure you should be able to open the box by squeezing the sides.



7.  Press one side downward using score lines as a guide.


8. Repeat with the other side and then again on the other end.



9. Now your box is finished! Open one side to add treats, then close it again and you’re all set!