Printable Box Templates

Printable box templates are becoming more and more popular as DIYers realize how easily and economically they can be put together. Few tools are needed and the main supply required for making your own box is paper!

Printing your own box template gives you far greater control over your box than trying to find “just the right thing” at the store. Plus, it’s instant, so you don’t have to wait for snail mail to bring you a package! If you have paper and a printer, you can print your own box templates and fold them into the perfect party favor, gift box, or holiday treat container.

Here at Template of a Box, we strive to make it easy for everybody to make their own boxes for any occasion and will continue to provide original free box templates for our readers.

Free Blank Box Templates

Blank box templates are templates without any design on them other than the folding and cutting lines. There are many instances when one would want a blank template:

  • when you already have cardstock in the color or design that you need
  • when you want to add your own design to a stock template
  • when you need to see where to score or cut a box
  • when you want to add your own embellishments (box topper, ribbons, etc.)

We are continually adding to our collection of box templates and always try to include a blank template for every designer template that we offer. To see all of our blank templates, click here.

Free Designer Box Templates

We love designing our own boxes! As you browse our site, you will see many favor and gift boxes available in an assortment of colors, prints, and motifs. We know how busy you are and if we can save you time by having the perfect box for your occasion then we’re more than happy to do it!

If you’re new here, be sure to look at our recent posts in the sidebar to see our most up-to-date box templates. In addition, you can browse through our top menu links, choose a specific category, or search for a specific template using our Google search bar at the top!